Athlete’s Foot-details

Stores: 8

Countries: Greece, Turkey

The Athlete’s Foot, is an international brand that began its operations in America in year 1971 and offers apparel and footwear that support the absolute fashion design and sport style! Sport with Style!
In year 2012, The Athlete’s Foot was aquired by INTERSPORT International Corp. (IIC), with its headquarters in Switzerland. The Athlete’s Foot is continuously developing and opening more and more stores to even more countries every year.
The international brand has today 389 stores in 26 countries and during the first Quarter of 2015, FOURLIS group opened its first “The Athlete’s Foot stores”, 2 in Greece and 1 in Turkey. Until now, a total number of 6 stores operating in Greece and 2 stores operating in Turkey.
Our stores offer special fashion products by all famous athletic brands (NIKE, adidas, New Balance, Asics, Vans, Converse etc.) that will fully cover the needs and taste of everyone that is a fan of Sport and Street Fashion!